Project Management Unit

The Project Management Unit is responsible of the following projects which are being implemented by the Mazovian Office for Regional Planning.


„Trendy rozwojowe Mazowsza”,

The main objective of the project is to create a system for collecting, analyzing,
and interpreting information about socio-economic changes in the Mazovian region, that are essential for determining and defining aims of regional policy. The expected outcomes of the project are : a socio-economic database about the Mazovian region, comprehensive diagnosis of the region's development, a model of the region’s socio-economic development and publications informing about the implementation and results of the project.


„Wzmocnienie potencjału Mazowieckiego Obserwatorium Terytorialnego”,

The project is set to enhance the human, analytical, technical and organizational potential of the Mazovian Territorial Observatory. The main objective will be achieved by conducting six surveys, a series of trainings for employees, establishing a close cooperation with institutions supporting regional development, monitoring social economic changes in the Mazovian Voivodship and purchasing specialized software for research.

„Program rozwoju Obszaru Metropolitalnego Warszawy – PROM”

The projects objective is to support the functioning of the Warsaw Metropolitan Area, in accordance with the national and regional development policy. The project will include defining and diagnosing the functional area of Warsaw, elaborating The Warsaw Metropolitan Area Development Strategy until 2030 and development programs for the entire WMA. The project will also promote local cooperation in the region.

The Project Management Unit is supervised by the Director of the Mazovian Office for Regional Planning in Warsaw.

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